Monroe County Public Library Internship

This past summer I interned in the children’s department of the Monroe County Public Library located in Bloomington, Indiana. My focus was on children’s programs, though of course I spent some time at the reference desk as well. I also worked on a special project in the back office area. For this project, the purpose was to update the flannelboard list the library currently had while taking note of what stories were missing elements. I began the long process of going through all the flannelboard story envelopes we had, writing down whether or not there was a script included and what pieces were included. If a story wasn’t already in the librarians’ list of flannelboard stories, then it needed to be added. Unfortunately, I did not have time to finish that project with everything else I was doing for the internship, but at least I could get it going and set up a basic framework for others to complete after me.

Most of my time was spent helping with, planning for, and sometimes leading children’s programs. I learned a lot about the various aspects that go into planning and executing a program, along with what aspects come more naturally to me and in what areas I need to work harder. I also gained much inspiration as to programming possibilities. It was a time when I could put into practice things I had learned in my various youth-related courses in my ILS program, particularly my Storytelling and Youth Services courses. The reading-heavy courses were most helpful, as one would expect, at the reference desk and in book selection for displays.

All in all, it was a highly enjoyable and instructional internship, affirming my desire to work as a children’s/young adult librarian. If you are interested, I have included my weekly journal entries for the internship. Each “post” lists the programs participated in that week followed by a journal entry (blog).


Though this didn’t take place during my internship, it’s fairly indicative of my perspective while¬†there: you’ve gotta jump in and join the fun with everything you’ve got. On a side note,¬†don’t wear blue-green clothes when taking a green-screen picture. It’s too close to the green of the background. Unless you want weird results. In that case go for it.